A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Definition of unity
: the quality or state of not being multiple: ONENESS
: a condition of harmony: ACCORD

Unity – a condition of harmony: accord.

It might be hard to describe when we have it, but we surely know when we don’t.

When there is unity, there is a sense of completeness, compromise, understanding and humility.

Resentment, bitterness, constant complaints, contempt, underhanded comments are signs of division – the absence of unity.

Unity is a discipline. It’s knowing what creates the opposite and being willing to grow, change and commit to keeping unity.

Unity allows you to be against the problem, not each other.

A couple focusing on the unity of decisions and unity of actions is in accord with each other.

Unity is being on the same page with our partner. In all areas of life.

Instead, we often are not on the same page, we even not even knowing our partner has a page or what’s on it for that matter.

So often we keep our pages tucked away from our partner. We are afraid to fully own our page and show it with all its imperfections, needs, fears and hang-ups. And sometimes we are screaming about our page, parading it in front of the face of our partner. Meanwhile, our partner is going through the same cycle.
Sometimes these cycles overlap creating huge blowups of an argument.
When they don’t, they just cause hurt and resentment, rooted in misunderstanding.

When people are on the same page together there is a much stronger bond.

Being on different pages creates conflict.
Being in different chapters creates a disconnect.
Being in different books creates separation.

So, let’s pull out the pages before problems flare-up? What if we sit down and talk about our pages and ideal versions of our pages together calmly and maturely? After all, we are writing this book together.

That’s is exactly what we are about.

Being on the same page creates peace.
Being on the same chapter progress.
Being on the same book creates a common mission.

How is the page situation at your home?

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