The Journey of the Heart

Hearts are fragile.
They are strong. But also breakable.

Being in love is entrusting someone with your heart. Sometimes it works out. And sometimes it hurts.

The mind considers itself heart’s best friend. If the heart gets hurt, the mind comes to the rescue. Like a superhero, it comes with its gadgets: walls, spikes, fence wire. The mind makes a decision: “we won’t get hurt again, I’ll protect you. I’ve got your back, don’t worry.” So mind places all the gadgets around the heart, making it seem cold and shut down.
Joy, happiness and heart-felt laughter end up being stuck behind the protective gear of the mind also, together with the heart.

And life goes on.. certainty and control, together with the fear of rejection replace open heart and ability to fully love.

Safe but sad story.

To give our heart to someone again after being hurt takes courage.
To open up with no guarantees and show our most vulnerable parts requires strength.

And that’s how we grow. That’s how our heart becomes wiser. It acquires depth that can only come from taking risks and trust.

Comes back to entrusting someone with your heart.

Are you ready? Have you already done that? Or is your mind keep your heart captive? If so, befriend them.

Live from your heart. It’s worth it.

Ksenia Demidova

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