Have we been sold on the idea of ‘Happily Ever After’ as being a place of total Peace and Joy? Driven by this idea, we either choose to keep the Peace and avoid any traces of conflict, or we make Peace by working through the hard stuff.

A Peacekeeper creates an illusion of Peace but in reality just wants to maintain the status quo, even if that status quo brings unhappiness. A Peacemaker however is willing to walk through conflict in order to create True Peace.

Peacemaking leads to growth, often at the expense of comfort. Speaking up and having difficult conversations adds weight and depth to your relationship. Unity, connection and intimacy are created through true vulnerability coming from confronting the hard stuff.

True Peace does not equal comfort. How many people live in comfort but have no True Peace? One can be walking through the most difficult of circumstances and yet have absolute Peace on the inside.

It has often been said, that sometimes you just can’t have peace without war. History has shown that this is often true. Sometimes there must be a collision of opinions, belief structures and behaviours, in order to sort through the very things that prohibit Peace.

Peacekeeping works hard to maintain an outward facade, all the while losing peace at heart. Compromising at your own expense, not speaking up, avoiding “boat rocking” or “habitual sweeping under the carpet” with an intent of keeping peace can lead to internal resentment, bitterness, a closed heart and emotional outbursts.

Being a Peacemaker is more about how we handle and navigate conflict with a heart and intent of bringing reconciliation by working through the difficulties. Whereas, a Peacekeeper will tend to avoid conflict at all costs, therefore making true Peace practically impossible, because the peace will be surface peace, while the underlying dynamics at play are still in conflict, never addressing the real issues.

What role have you been living out lately? Have you been willing to walk through the unpredictable territory of conflict in order to bring True Peace, or have you been avoiding the very necessary but uncomfortable waters of sensitive or controversial issues?

Is there a conversation you know you need to have but you’ve been avoiding it? Have that conversation.

Are you avoiding the one in your life who has hurt you unintentionally, or they may have possibly even set out to hurt you intentionally? Go there. Have the difficult conversation.

Peacemaking requires honesty, boldness, and courage. To speak our truth is not always easy. Potential loss of approval of our loved one is a hard thing to accept. It takes strength, compassion and empathy towards our loved one and we need to continuously work towards seeking to understand the world of our Loved one. Isn’t that what Love is about?

The end result of all of this is Liberation.

A Peacemaker brings True Peace.

True Peace brings Liberation.

Be a Peacemaker.

Ksenia Demidova

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