I Love You for Who You Are, Not for Where You Are at

It is easy to be challenged by the outer world. Things do not always go as smoothly as we’d like.
We make mistakes.
Our partners make mistakes.
Often. Sometimes these mistakes are costly.
Sometimes they have consequences. So what challenges would we be willing to endure standing by our partner’s side? Would it truly be in sickness and in health?
Would it truly be through everything?
Through no matter what happens? What if every couple took time to sit down, discuss and imagine tough situations that may come on their path?
What if they committed in their hearts to stay strong no matter what. To honour the commitment they had to each other and have faith. What if they recommitted daily?
It is a dive in, head first, through fears, doubts, hesitations.It is the only way that is worth it.
Ksenia Demidova

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