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Life is not easy.. it’s beautiful, exhilarating, adventurous, thrilling.. but not easy..

Love is not easy.. it’s life-giving, incredible, caring, thrilling., but not easy..

There are so many lessons to learn, so many obstacles to overcome.

What we often do not get exposed to is the internal wars that are going on in two people who are coming together in love.

So often we just see beautiful pictures, stories how they’ve met, important events in their lives..
but the how is getting unseen..

Here we want to talk from the core, from the heart, from the depth, from the truth.

It’s raw, it’s hard at times, it’s uplifting as well.

I don’t know how about you but in my experience a journey of love in my life has not been straight and light. It has been full of sharp corners, no through roads, dead ends, steep hills and unexpected downs. Together with exhilarating joy, unimaginable ups and peace.

What could have been easier one may think.. meet someone, fall in love and live happily ever after (the impact of too many romantic movies in my early days – Ksenia). But with few relationships that did not work out, you start catching on that there is more to it.

We love love.
We studied love.
We asked the ones who found it.

We are not experts. We live this through day to day, getting better, learning to understand, growing in love.

We love seeing people in love. So, we intend to cover matters of the heart that most often get unspoken about or are not necessarily popular in modern state and age to discuss.

Ksenia Demidova

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